Selecting the Right Forklift Wheel

Selecting the Right Forklift Wheel

The Importance of the Right Wheel for the Application

Horse owners know the importance of choosing the right horseshoe for their horse. In fact, in racing, the weight and comfort of the horseshoe has the power to limit or propel a horse’s speed all while protecting its feet. For stable horses, the right horseshoe can provide the animals comfort and much needed support. With many variations and customizations for horseshoes available, horse owners are certain to take the time the choose the right shoe for their horse in order to maximize speed, comfort, and support.

Choosing the right wheel for your forklift isn’t all that different from an equestrian selecting the right set of horseshoes for his horse. The right wheel has the potential to maximize productivity and act as a sort of safeguard from the elements for the forklift. Without a wheel designed for your application and capacity, forklifts experience unnecessary wear and tear. As a result, the wheels need to be replaced more frequently, causing wasteful downtime and adding to the total cost of ownership of the truck.

How to Choose the Best Forklift Wheel

There are two things to keep in mind when selecting the right wheel for your forklift. With these factors in consideration, you stand to increase the life of the wheel, maximizing performance and yielding higher productivity and savings in the long run.
  • Application Type

    Consider the environment your wheels will be turning in. Will it be working long runs with heavy loads, across dock boards and expansion joints, in wet conditions, or in a freezer? Consider all the things your forklift wheels may face before selecting the right wheel for you.

  • Average Capacity

    How much weight will the wheels be forced to carry on a regular basis? This will help you determine what series of wheel would work best for your operation based on wheel hardness and compound. Larger capacity load averages will require a heavier duty wheel.

Keep Your Wheels Turning

Forklift owners frequently find themselves replacing wheels, making it one of the most often replaced forklift parts. The repetitive changing process can cause up to thousands of dollars in lost productivity due to downtime. Stop the unnecessary turnover and keep your wheels turning instead by taking the time upfront to choose the right wheel for your forklift’s application. Overall, like good horseshoes to a race horse, the right wheels for your forklift have the potential to maximize output for your operation.

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Contact your local Crown parts dealer for more information and recommendations on the right wheel for your operation. Lift Power’s in-house Parts Team can help you choose the best wheel for the job today.

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