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8 Reasons Why it's Great to Work at Lift Power

Go behind the scenes at Lift Power where you’ll find a work culture built on inclusivity and innovation. We value all our employees and know that the success of the individual leads to the advancement of the whole. Here, we are a family, and our beautiful locations are home. With an environment that inspires creativity and fosters growth and a diverse team that is always moving forward, Lift Power is a center for success.

1. We are a family

With just over 100 employees, we value the contributions of each and every team member. From our service technicians to our sales team, every member of the Lift Power family is integral to the success of the whole.  We pride ourselves in being a business where coworkers are friends, people aren’t afraid to ask questions, and every perspective is valued.

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2. Booming Jacksonville, FL

Jacksonville, FL is one of the top 5 fastest growing cities in the United States. With multiple family friendly beaches and a bustling downtown, you’ll never be bored. Jacksonville is known for its big city opportunities with a small town feel and some of the best weather you’ll find in the country.

Jacksonville, Florida, USA downtown skyline.

3. Historic Savannah, GA

Historic Savannah is in the top 5 fastest growing port cities in the United States. More than just a tourist location, the city offers great opportunities for education, family leisure, and community involvement. Savannah will make you feel like it was your home town all along.


4. community focus

At Lift Power, we understand that we are one part of a bigger picture. That’s why it is our pleasure to give back to the communities that have given so much to us. We partner with outreaches like One Blood, Hunger Fight, and Make a Wish to serve the communities we live and work in.

Lift Power Gives Back

5. we value education

Lift Power emphasizes the importance of learning. Our new hires are thoroughly trained in their field of work, and we always welcome requests for further training courses. On top of this, Lift Power’s teamwork environment is conducive for on the job education. We value questions and encourage exploration because it is through this that we take Lift Power to the next levels.


6. constant growth

Over the last 45 years, Lift Power has seen exponential growth with our expanded product lines, departments, and client base. Our business thrives when our employees thrive, so from the moment an employee signs on, we invest our time to cultivate them into their full potential. As the national market continues to grow, so will our business. Join the Lift Power family and grow along with us.

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7. the cutting edge of innovation

Lift Power is on the cutting edge of technological innovations in warehouse automation capabilities. Not only that, we also stay atop the latest modernization in our workplace. In the past year alone, we have launched a new website, CRM system, and mobile app for our employees. At Lift Power, we stay in front of the age of technology and keep our employees there, too.

Adam and Todd

8. One of Jacksonville’s healthiest companies

Lift Power was named one of Jacksonville’s 2018 Healthiest Companies by the FCWWC. A silver level award winner, Lift Power seeks to create an environment that inspires employees to live well and work well. With health initiatives like standing desks, fresh fruit and healthy vending options, and corporate walks and runs, Lift Power provides its employees the space to create a balanced and healthy lifestyle.

Silver Award WInner

What Our Technicians are Saying

``It's like family...The first day, I was welcomed with open arms.``

Jared B. - Jacksonville Service Technician

``I would say it's probably the best dealership to work at in Northeast Florida.``

Chris L. - Jacksonville Service Technician

Join the Liftpower Family

At Lift Power, we understand the impact each individual has on the productivity and success of the company. Collaboration is key, new ideas are celebrated, and mistakes and triumphs alike are stepping stones toward an even brighter tomorrow. We know that our differences make us stronger, and, at Lift Power, we are always better together.

Why it's Great To Work At LiftPower

Different Jobs, One Family

Barbara Quintero

At Lift Power you are not a number. You are a family member and a key individual to the strategy.


Marshall Grissett

We are one big family here at Lift Power. This company puts its people first, and our success is a direct result of that people first mentality.


Rebecca Galeskas

Lift Power is my first job out of college, and I plan on sticking with it for years to come. I’ve learned so much, my ideas are appreciated, and the relationships I’ve built are ones worth keeping.


Chris Eaves

Lift Power is a job I feel like I can come to every day and really enjoy it. It doesn’t feel like work to me. Everyone treats each other with respect, like we’re a family.


Marty Schellinger

Lift Power is a fabulous place to work, in my 5 years here I truly believe our biggest asset is our people. I’m always amazed how our personnel go the extra step to take care of the customer but more impressed with ALWAYS doing the right thing. That’s how we have earned national & regional recognition & garnered “The Lift Power Reputation.”


Kelly Baker

I enjoy working at Lift Power because:  I have been able to advance and grow along with the company and I am encouraged by a boss who not only has faith and confidence in my abilities but inspires me to go outside my comfort zone to achieve success.


Mike Mazonkey

It is very refreshing to be a part of a company that is constantly trying to improve and grow. It feels great to be empowered by your bosses, that they trust you to make big decisions on your own. But they are also there to help if you aren’t sure what to do. It’s a great balance.


Sonia Cloquell

Lift Power is one of the best companies that I have worked for.  My coworkers and management team are knowledgeable and caring people and have made me feel at home from day one.   I like working for a company that is big enough to be recognized as a top of our class but yet we treat each other as family. 

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